Clipper Cup Honour Board

1978 - 2018

The name Clipper Cup came to be when Pan Am Airlines first sponsored the Waikiki Yacht Club "Around The State Race" in 1978. This biennial  event was contested four times and attracted a record 78 entries representing Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the U.S.  The race was billed as a perpetual international team racing event .

Year Country Yachts Skippers
1978 Australia Big Shott Marshall Phillips
Magic Pudding Tom Stephenson
Ragamuffin Syd Fischer
1980 Australia Ragamuffin Syd Fischer
Sweet Caroline Marshall Phillips
Challenge Lou Abrahams
1982 USA Kialoa John B. Kilroy
Bull Frog T. David Fenix
Great Fun Clay Bernard II
1984 USA Camouflage Ben Mitchell Jr
Checkmate Monti Livingstone
Tomohawk John Arens

Pan Am ceased sponsorship in 1985 and the Japanese Kenwood Corporation became the major sponsor. The event became the Kenwood Cup Hawaii International Ocean Racing Series.

For 10 years after the final race in Hawaii the original Clipper Cup trophy remained uncontested. During this time having arrived in Australia the cup found a home collecting dust in the archives of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia before arriving at the Port Douglas Yacht Club.

The inaugural  Mirage Resorts Clipper Cup Regatta in 1995 jointly hosted by Cairns Yacht Club and Port Douglas Yacht Club paved the way for the trophy to re-emerge as a major event for the host club. Only this time over 9,000km away on the western rim of the Pacific Ocean, on the waters of the Coral Sea, Australia.

Year Event Yacht Skipper
1995 Mirage Resorts Clipper Cup Australia Challenge 2000 Wayne Millar
1996 Mirage Resorts Clipper Cup B52 Wayne Millar
1997 Mirage Resorts Clipper Cup Mayhem Greg Byrne
1998 Mirage Resorts Clipper Cup Sportscar Mal Richardson
1999 Mirage Resorts Clipper Cup Zoe Wayne Millar
2000 Hogs Breath Clipper Cup Sportscar Mal Richardson
2004 Clipper Cup Pyewacket Leon Paul
2005 Hogs Breath Clipper Cup Voodoo Tim Preuss
2006 Janzs Clipper Cup Voodoo Tim Preuss
2007 Audi Sport Clipper Cup Magic Doug Ryan
2008 Audi Sport Clipper Cup Magic Doug Ryan
2009 Audi Centre Cairns Clipper Cup Farr Better John Gould
2010 Exemplar Clipper Cup Skullduggery Doug Ahola
2011 Exemplar Clipper Cup Malice Mal Richardson
2012 Exemplar Clipper Cup Division 1   Ice
Division 2   Akimbo
Division 3   Sinabada
M & H Gwilliams
Robert Sherwood
Graham Moritz

Exemplar Clipper Cup

Division 1   Ice
Division 2   Kai Lani
Division 3   Indigo
Division 4   Ketchup
M & H Gwilliams
Gordon Wellham
Colin Simpson
Steve England
2014 Exemplar Clipper Cup Division 1   Dusty Muzzle R Knott
Division 2   La Quilta B Cooper
Division 3   Snap P Jones
Division 4   X2 P Vincent
2015 Mickey Ink Race Week Division 1   Shazam D Ryan
Division 2   Tucana A Burford
Division 3   Malice M Richardson
Division 4   Kaizan 2 B Clarke
  J24             Kaizan 2 B Clarke
2016 Mickey Ink Race Week Division 1   Brava T Muller
Division 2  No Legends G Carton
Division 3  Barefoot W Innes
Division 4  Kaizan 2 B Clarke
 J24             Kaizan 2 B Clarke
2017 Quicksilver Race Week Division 1   Zoe W Millar
Division 2   Lady Mystique M Gwilliams
Division 3    DNC
Division 4   X2 P Vincent
2018 Quicksilver Race Week Division  1   Whitecap M Richardson
Division 2    Callister 1 R Knott
Division 4    Spank T Ritter